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Our editors will be posting weekly reviews about media that they’ve come across each week from throwback Thursdays to Modern Mondays and everything in-between.

Jack black and John Cusack in the film High Fidelity

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Our comprehensive suite of professional amateur reviews cater to a diverse clientele of exclusively close friends, who have nothing better to do ;). Join our discord at


Album Reviews

Each Week our musical Editor will release an Album review


Film Podcast

We will be uploading a monthly audio podcast by “the Collective” talking about our movie of the week.


Gameplay videos and tutorials??

Uh… I’ll start posting gameplay clips whether it be raw highlight footage or maybe even an edited video (zooie mama)!

Track Reviews

Each Week one of our editors will pick a “Song of the Week” to review it may be from the album of the week and it may just be what we’ve been vibing with this week. You’ll just have to tune in and find out.

“The List”

“The List” is a compilation of our favorite movies sorted by how popular they are via votes in our discord.

Game Reviews?

I’m not really sure about this yet lol

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Our comprehensive suite of professional services caters to a diverse clientele, ranging from homeowners to commercial developers.

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